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The Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia was established in 1997 by the legislation of Law 2218/1994 and is supervised by the Ministry of Interior. From 2011, according to the “Kallikratis Programme” (Law 3852/2010) for the administrative reform of the local and regional authorities in Greece, the Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia came under the jurisdiction of the Region of Central Macedonia. It is a Private – Law Legal Entity and is administered by the Management Board (MB) of nine (9) members, whose President is the Governor of the Region of Central Macedonia. The rest of the members of the Management Board are General Directors from the Region of Central Macedonia, representatives of the political parties of the Regional Council and representatives from local Chambers and the Local Workers Union.

The RDFCM is responsible for a series of tasks and mainly include the following:
• The management of credits pertaining to the Program of Public Investments of Greece; the management of funds which stem from public bodies, legal persons, the European Union Programs and other International Organizations Programs regarding the regional, local and spatial developing programs that take place in the Region of Central Macedonia.
• The checking, authorization and payment of expenses made by the Region of Central Macedonia and other bodies in the region which are included in the National Strategic Reference Framework.
• The provision of technical support, know-how and funding for the integrated elaboration of studies, surveys, towards the most efficient implementation of programs for the Region of Central Macedonia.
• The implementation of EU funded Projects. Currently, the RDFCM is implementing seven (7) INTERREG EUROPE projects and five (5) projects under the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme.
• The cooperation with the Region of Central Macedonia in preparing and submission of proposals for EU funded Projects.

• The RDFCM has qualified and experienced personnel – as far as the management of projects, programs, studies, procurements and social actions is concerned – which mostly consists of public servants of the Region of Central Macedonia.
• In addition, the RDFCM is co-operating with external expertise, who offer their special knowledge and experience according to the needs of the projects at the time.

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