Target Groups

Communication target groups of the project are as follows:

– National Authorities (Decentralized Administration of Macedonia – Thrace, Ministry of Finance – Customs Administration of North Macedonia, Ministry of Interior of North Macedonia)

– Regional Authorities (Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia, Region of Central Macedonia)

– Local Authorities (Municipality of Thessaloniki, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Thessaloniki, Local Professional Chambers and local Chambers of Commerce, Professional Chamber of Thessaloniki etc)

– Embassies and Consulates

– Enterprises and businesses in the cross – border area

– Enterprises and businesses using the Border Crossing Points of Evzoni and Bogorodica

– Customs’ personnel at Border Crossing Points at Evzoni and Bogorodica

– Citizens in the cross-border area

– Tourists using the Border Crossing Points

– Stakeholders involved in the immigration flow

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