Contact Information

Address:str. Lazar Lichenoski 13 – 1000,Skopje,1000,North Macedoni

Phone:02 3 116 188

Fax:02 3 237 832

Website: www.customs.gov.mk


The Customs Administration (CARNM) is a state administration authority within the Ministry of Finance with a status of a legal person. CARNM carries out its powers throughout the entire territory of the country. CARNM carries out the activities that are under its competence in accordance with the Law on Customs Administration, the Customs Law, the Customs Tariff Law, the Law on Customs Measures for Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, the Law on Excises, the Law on tax procedures and other laws governing the importation, exportation and transit of goods, as well as for the performance of all other activities that are vested under its competence with other laws. The basic powers of CARNM are: – To conduct customs supervision; -To conduct customs control; -Customs clearance of goods; -To conduct customs control, investigation and intelligence measures for the purpose of prevention, detection and investigation of customs offences and crimes; -To initiate a procedure for customs and other offences, as well as for crimes determined by law and to collect mandatory fines; -To calculate and collect or repay the import and export duties, taxes and other public levies on importation, exportation or transit of goods, as well as to conduct forcible collection of the above in accordance with law; – To conduct the customs-administrative procedure in first degree; -To monitor and control movements of excise goods; -To conduct the control of the entering and exiting of cash in domestic and foreign currencies, cheques and monetary gold; -To conduct the control of the importation, exportation and transit of goods for which special measures are prescribed in the interest of security and public morality, protection of people’s health and lives, animals and plants, protection of the living environment, protection of items of temporary protection or cultural heritage or natural rarities, protection of copyright and other related rights and industrial property rights, as well as other measures of commercial policy prescribed by law; -To organise the customs information system and provide data on imports and exports for statistical purposes; -To organise and conduct control of the professional liability of the employees; -To draft legislation in the area of Customs competence; – To organise and carry out training, testing of the knowledge and professional skills of Customs officers, as well as human resource management; -To give expert assistance for the application of the customs regulations for the purpose of which it organises seminars and public platforms with the right for compensation; -To conduct storage and safe-keeping of goods, as well as procedure of sale of confiscated, abandoned or discovered goods; -To carry out monitoring of customs goods with compensation of costs; -To conduct chemical-technological examination of goods with compensation of costs; -To cooperate with other state authorities; -To cooperate with foreign customs administrations and international organisations; -To exercise powers prescribed by the Law on Customs Administration and other laws. The total number of employees in CARNM is around 1170.

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